Hamnplats 3 in Båstad

Hamnplats 3 / Båstad

At Hamnplats 3 you'll find a sea-inspired menu that comprises 75% of fish and shellfish. As part of Bjäre, we use local produce after the season. You will find additional flavors from the grill oven and wood-fired barbecue smoker.

Paps in Båstad - Dining together

Papas / Båstad

Papas is located between the center court, the beach and the harbor in Båstad. Here you are served a menu inspired from the Mediterranean’s gastronomy in combination with the best local products.

Oyster at Restaurant Riviera in Båstad

Restaurang Riviera / Hotel Riviera Strand / Båstad

Sit back and enjoy the food in a relaxing and beautiful art-deco inspired atmosphere. Young guests can enjoy a magical children's buffet, while the adult guests can enjoy local culinary food from Bjäre.

Bistro at Torekov Hotell

Bistron / Torekov Hotell / Torekov

The Bistro at Torekov Hotell offers taste sensations with locally grown products from the Bjäre peninsula. The ambience of the restaurant gives you a place to relax and a pleasure for all your senses.

The show kitchen at Restaurant Sand in Båstad

Restaurang Sand / Hotel Skansen / Båstad

There is one word that summarises the feeling in Restaurang Sand – perfection. Its award-winning cuisine has a special sense of all the elements of the taste experience and a love of the local produce for which the Bjäre peninsula is famed.

Norrviken / Båstad

Earth, nature, sea and people live in harmony with the village's identity. Based on this, we create a kitchen that develops with the place we live and work in. With respect and care, we want to see history become a future. A kitchen that is related to the unique place where we are. A kitchen we call "The Place-Related Kitchen".

Pepe's in Båstad - pizza and burgers

Pepe’s / Båstad

At Pepe's the pizzas are celebrities -and the burgers too. The Tacos became stars overnight. Vegan or meat? We take care of you.

Sands Bakficka / Hotel Skansen / Båstad

Sit down and enjoy tasty sandwiches and classic Danish Smørrebrød, have a glass of wine on the outdoor terraces or a cup of coffee by the fireplace. The location, overlooking the harbor, makes this the perfect spot for watching the crowds in the summertime.